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Knox-Box Maintenance


Maintenance Schedule / Medeco Locks

The following Maintenance recommendations apply to all Knox Rapid Entry products having Medeco locks, including padlocks, key boxes, and key operated key switches.

The Medeco line of locks being the precision and quality product, they require a minimal amount of attention to maintain reliability. The following is recommended as a schedule of maintenance:

6 Months - Spray lock mechanism with key lube or LPS-1, operate lock twice to check operation and spread lubricant.

1 Year Mark - Repeat six month lubricant routine, as well as, looking for any chips or nicks in powder coat. These should be painted over to avoid spread of corrosion.

Emergency procedure for opening box should lock fail to function due to grit or surface corrosion:

Spray lock cylinder generously with a good carburator cleaner or Gumout, Poxylube or LPS-1. This product will thoroughly clean lock mechanism and dissolve any grit that may be holding up a pin from properly falling. Take key and work in and out of lock a few times. Repeat Gumout procedure. Next, send a strong vibration through the lock core to free the stuck pin. This can be done by using any metal tool, wrench, hammer, etc. Place a piece of wood against the lock core, then send the vibration with one of the above-mentioned tools.

The carburator cleaner will dissipate, leaving no residue. Follow up with routine maintenance every year at a minimum, more so if it appears to be a problem with grit at the particular instlallation site.

Maintenance of Door Gasket

When servicing the Medeco lock in the Call Box, it is also recommended that the door gasket be serviced by applying a light coat of grease-like silicone paste (Dow Corning Number 4 or equal) to the gasket surface. This will keep the gasket from freezing to the box and also add extra moisture resistance. For more information, contact us at 866-625-4563.