KNOX® MedVault® Mini


Controlled substance security is an ever-increasing concern for both fire departments and independent EMS providers. Drugs such as Morphine and Valium require top security, yet emergency personnel need immediate access during an emergency.

Paramedics can now significantly reduce the risk of carrying controlled substances by installing the new Knox MedVault® Narcotics Locker. 

The vault is made of heavy aluminum and secured with a high security electronic keypad. Personnel gain access by entering their unique PIN code. All activity at the unit is collected in an audit trail. This audit trail is collected via USB port or Remote Administration and provides a time and date stamp, including a user ID for each activity. This provides the department accountability regarding access to controlled substances.

If you are considering implementing Knox WiFi administration for MedVault 2 or MedVault Mini,   read more here.   

MedVault Mini with WiFi MedVault Mini with WiFi 


MedVault® 2

MedVault 2 is for those departments with WiFi or considering WiFi, The MedVault 2 is available either WiFi capable or WiFi enabled. With the WiFi option, all administrator functions can be performed from the convenience of the administrator’s office. There’s no need to travel to each individual unit to download the audit trail, update PIN codes or update firmware. 



MedVault® Mini

The MedVault Mini is a smaller version of MedVault for those 
departments with limited space 
or smaller storage needs. The 

MedVault Mini is available in a basic model, WiFi capable and WiFi enabled.


MedVault 2 and MedVault Mini units have several options available. Please contact Knox sales support if you have questions or would like assistance in configuring unit/s that best fit your department requirements. 800-KNOX-BOX  (1-800-566-9269)

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