KNOX-VAULT 4500 Series Power Shutdown

The UL listed Knox 4500 Remote Electrical Power Shutdown Station that can be used by first responders during an emergency. The shutdown station contains a listed switch housed in a NEMA container which may operate a shunt to disconnect electrical power to the building. The 4500 Series has a NEMA Type 2, 3R (indoor/outdoor) rating. With the new 4500 Station, this shutdown switch is protected against tampering or physical attack from unauthorized individuals. 

Alternative Applications

The device can also be wired to shutdown electrical equipment and systems such as generators, power distribution centers, photovoltaic/solar powered systems, HVAC controls and telecommunications equipment.


All 4500 Series Knox-Vaults are fully tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories as anti-theft devices. Alarm tamper switches are UL listed as Central Station Alarm Units. UL Electrical Range: Max Voltage of 24 VDC at 50 mA.

UL 437 Standard for Safety for Key Locks (keyway)
UL 1037 Antitheft Alarms and Devices (entire unit)
UL 1610 Central Station Alarm Units (units with tamper switch)
UL 1332 Organic Coatings for Steel Enclosures for Outdoor Use Electrical Equipment (Knox-Coat®)

UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment (entire unit)  


Electrical Ratings:
Main Switch: 24-480VAC, 125VA MAX, PILOT DUTY, PER CONTACT BLOCK; Two contact blocks per switch; Double Pole, Double Throw (DPDT)
Tamper Switch: 24VDC, 50mA, general use
Use 75°C wire only
Enclosure Rating: Type 2, 3R
Ambient Air Temperature Rating: -40°C / +65°C; -40°F / +149°F


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