KNOX-VAULT® 4400 Series

Holds Up to 50 Keys.

The heavy-duty Knox-Vault has a large capacity for storing keys, access cards, floor plans and other building entry items. Optional tamper switches allow you to connect the Knox-Vault to the building's alarm system, adding even further security.

What is a tamper switch? Tamper switches allow you to connect the KNOX-BOX to a building's alarm system, adding further security.

All Knox-Vault 4400 Series units are fully tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories as anti-theft devices. Alarm tamper switches are UL listed as Central Station Alarm Units. UL Electrical Range: Max Voltage of 24 VDC at 50 mA.

UL 437 Standard for Safety for Key Locks (keyway)
UL 1037 Antitheft Alarms and Devices (entire unit)
UL 1610 Central Station Alarm Units (units with tamper switch)
UL 1332 Organic Coatings for Steel Enclosures for Outdoor Use Electrical Equipment (Knox-Coat®)

Note: It is recommended for new concrete or masonry construction, that you purchase a recessed Knox-Vault with a Recessed Mounting Kit (RMK).

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