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Implementing Knox WiFi

Posted By Knox Company On Mar 05, 2012

Implementing Knox WiFi
Here is information for you to consider before implementing Knox WiFi

Information for agency’s IT department
Knox WiFi conforms to the 802.11b/g standard

Security suites Knox uses in its WiFi
WEP - Wired Equivalency Protocol
WPA - WiFi Protected Access
WPA2 - WiFi Protected Access successor

Encryptions types compatible with Knox WiFi
TKIP -Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
CCMP - Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol
AES - Advanced Encryption Standard

Information on your network needed for successful implementation

To successfully order and install the Knox WiFi software on your network, you will need to know the following information regarding your agency’s network. 

If you’re unable to provide answers to these questions, our engineers will not be able to assist you with any installation issues you many encounter.

  • Do you use static IP addresses on your network?
  • Do you have Internet access on your network?
  • Who is your Internet provider?
  • What server software are you using? Which version? (Knox supports Microsoft Servers ONLY)
  • Do you currently use non-Microsoft DNS products on your network?
  • Do you have non-Windows computers on your network?
  • What encryption do you use on your network?
  • Does your network use enterprise security? If yes, which implementations?
  • Will you be using WiFi or Ethernet connection or combination at your remote locations?
  • If using WiFi, what is your SSID?
  • If using WiFi, do you know password/pass phrase?