Knox FDC Protection Program

Property Owners


Protect Your Fire Department Sprinkler Connections.

Fire Department Connections (FDCs) are the access point for firefighters to supplement a building's fire sprinkler system during a fire. The Fire Department's ability to protect your building during a fire is threatened when your building's FDCs are damaged, blocked with debris or missing due to theft. When left unprotected, these openings are prime targets for trash and debris of all kinds. The operation of your fire sprinkler system is threatened when this debris blocks or seriously impedes the water supply or the swivel connection has been stolen. Fire Departments are concerned about open and unprotected FDCs.

Benefits of the Knox FDC Protection Program

  • Protect your fire sprinkler system against vandalism
  • Assure clean fire department connection lines
  • Reduce sprinkler contractor service calls to flush system
  • Lower cap replacement costs with a one-time purchase