Knox Rapid Entry System

Security Agencies


KNOX-BOX® key boxes are mounted on service area buildings, gates and equipment to secure keys. Service personnel can quickly unlock the Knox-Box with their master key, remove the facility key and enter the building. Using the Knox System reduces the possibility of key loss and the resulting need to rekey - a costly and time consuming process.

The Knox-Box itself is a high security key vault that is UL listed against physical attack. All Knox-Boxes in your system can be keyed to the same unique master key that operates a high security Medeco lock.

For those companies that have moved to electronic or IT based security access control programs, the Knox System enhances the effectiveness of these programs by providing a reliable and time-proven backup when the electronic or IT based security access fails or disaster strikes.

Since 1975, over 11,500 governmental agencies have grown to depend on the Knox System. Time-proven and reliable Knox key boxes increase the security of facility keys and the efficiency of personnel in the field. Security directors, facility managers and security service providers depend on the Knox key boxes to secure keys, access cards, facility information and other access equipment. Make the Knox System an integral part of your comprehensive access control program.