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Knox® Products Maintenance Schedule


Knox Products with Medeco® Locks

The following maintenance recommendations apply to all Knox products with Medeco locks including Knox key boxes, padlocks, and key operated key switches.

Every 6 Months:

  1. Spray lock mechanism with key lube or LPS-1
  2. Operate lock twice to check operation and spread lubricant

Every Year:

  1. Review boxes, padlocks, and switches for chips or nicks in power coast and paint over chips or nicks to prevent corrosion
  2. Apply a light coat of grease or silicon paste (such as Dow Corning Number 4) to the door gasket of any products with doors

For locks that may not easily operate from lack of maintenance:

  1. Spray the lock cylinder generously with Gumout, Poxylube or LPS-1
  2. Work the lock by placing the key in and out of the core
  3. Place a piece of wood against the lock core
  4. Hit the wood with a hammer to send vibration through the core
  5. Insert the key and turn


Knox® FDC Products

The following maintenance recommendations apply to all Knox FDC Products. All Knox FDC Products are lubricated at the factory prior to shipment. Maintenance should be completed on a yearly basis.

Knox® FDC Plugs

  1. Verify the FDC connection is free of debris
  2. IF FDC has a swivel, rotate it to check operation
  3. Clear the locking bolt head of any debris
  4. Unlock and lock the FDC plug twice


  1. Verify the outer cap freely rotates and cannot be removed in the locked position
  2. Clear the locking bolt head of any debris
  3. Unlock and lock the SecureCap twice (if necessary apply a thin layer of grease to the threads)


  1. Unlock and lock the StorzGuard twice
  2. Check that the lock indicator reads "locked" when unit is locked and "unlocked" when unit is unlocked
  3. Clear the ramps and lugs of both the cap and the connection of any debris

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