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Knox FDC Spanner Wrench

The Knox FDC Spanner Wrench was designed to consolidate commonly used tools to enable faster, more efficient completion of fireground operations. The multipurpose tool is equipped with a universal key to allow firefighters to quickly unlock and lock Knox FDC, Standpipe and Storz Locks. In addition, the Knox FDC Spanner wrench can pry open doors and windows, open and close gas valves and more*.


  • Locking bolt head unlocks and locks Knox FDC, Standpipe and Storz Locks
  • Pin holes sized to open Knox FDC Locks (1.5" and 2.5" configurations
  • Spanner wrench loosens and tightens Knox Standpipe Lock, Knox Storz Lock, hoses, pipes
  • Built-in hammer, crowbar and valve opener
  • Strong, lightweight, durable construction


  • Combines many essential tools firefighters need to carry
  • Provides rapid access to open FDCs, Standpipes, Storz Locks
  • Pocket-sized tools, fits in turnout gear
  • Multipurpose to replace traditional hammer and crowbar


Brochures, Specs and Guides

Knox FDC Spanner Wrench Specs


Knox FDC Protection Program


Knox FDC Lock Operating Instructions


Knox Storz Lock Operating Instructions


Knox Standpipe Lock Operating Instructions


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Purchase of the FDC Spanner Wrench is restricted to authorized emergency response personnel.
The FDC Spanner Wrench locks and unlocks all Knox FDC locking caps, Storz locks, and Standpipe locks.
The FDC Spanner Wrench consolidates several commonly used fireground tools and can also be used to pry open doors and windows, open and close gas valves, loosen or tighten hoses and pipes, and more.
Currently, the FDC Spanner Wrench can be purchased by Emergency Response personnel by calling Customer Support at 800-552-5669.