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The Power of Knox MedVault®

Drug diversion is a growing problem. EMS providers can significantly reduce their risk by utilizing the Knox MedVault narcotics safe. Knox also offers products that allow first responders immediate property access when responding to medical emergencies.

Knox Rapid Access Solutions provide a system of high-security products designed to prevent drug diversion, maintain accountability, and allow rapid access to:

Locked Entry Points

Contact a Knox representative for information on how to implement the reliable and cost-effective program.

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Prevent Drug Diversion

Secure substances in a PIN-activated Knox MedVault

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Keyless Entry Access

Access the narcotics vault with up to 5,000 unique PIN codes

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Record Audit Trails

Keep track of drug access with time-stamped histories

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How Knox Solutions Work

Control access using one master key and personlized PIN codes.

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Knox Rapid Access Solutions enable EMS agencies to shorten response times and control narcotic access using a Knox Master Key and a set of command codes.

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Knox Rapid Access Solutions can be customized to fit your needs.

Discover where Knox products can provide rapid access.

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1. Knox MedVault®

Limit access and drug diversion by securing narcotics in PIN authorized MedVault.

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2. Knox Gate & Key Switch™

Gain immediate access through electric gates in residential communities, parking garages, and industrial gate areas.

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3. Knox Padlock™

Gain rapid entry through vehicle and pedestrian gates.

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4. Knoxbox®

Safeguard access keys for first responders when rapid emergency access is needed.

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Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Controlled Narcotics Access

Control access, limit risk.

Keep narcotics secured in PIN-controlled Knox MedVault. Staff accountability is enforced as user PIN codes are recorded and audited.

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Facility Access

Send Help Sooner

Gain immediate access to secured communities, complexes and campuses.

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Perimeter Access

Barriers don't stand a chance.

The Knox master key provides rapid access through gates and secure entry points.

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How To Get Started

Determine the solutions that fit your needs best.

  • System for personnel access only
  • Shared access system to give both your organization and first responders access
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