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In the event of a fire, minimizing damage and injuries starts with your fire sprinkler system. But what if they don't work the way they should? Knox® FDC (Fire Department Connection) Locks protect your building's water source, ensuring firefighters are able to quickly access and supplement your fire sprinklers.

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Picture of fire department connection without locking cap

What are Fire Department Connections (FDCs)?

Fire Department Connections (FDCs) are the access point for firefighters to supplement a building's fire sprinkler system during a fire. When left unprotected, these openings are prime targets for debris, damage and theft, which eliminates a key tool firefighters need to protect your building.

Picture of fire department connection with locking cap

Why Knox?

  • Plastic FDC caps may be inexpensive, but they also need to be replaced often.
  • Brass caps are vulnerable to theft, and replacements can cost up to $500.
  • Unprotected connections may need to be flushed each time a cap is found missing-which can cost up to $1,500.

Knox FDC Locks are a one-time investment you can't afford to overlook.

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How do Knox FDC (Fire Department Connection) Locks work?

Diagram of fire truck connection to building
In the event of a fire, the fire department connects to the Fire Department Connection (FDC) on your building to supplement your sprinkler system.
Diagram of FDC check valve with debris
Unprotected Fire Department Connections (FDCs) are vulnerable to debris and nesting animals that clog the pipes and prevent the flow of water.
Diagram of FDC check valve
Knox FDC Locks protect these connections and keep your pipes clean, ensuring the maximum flow of water to your sprinklers.

Don't let what if,
become what happened.

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Secure. Smart. Simple.

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Trust Knox Fire Department Connection (FDC) Caps for access to what matters when it matters.

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