St. Cloud Fire Rescue receives grant for Knox Residential Program featured image

St. Cloud Fire Rescue receives grant for Knox Residential Program

Posted By Knox Company On Jun 19, 2010

City of St. Cloud St. Cloud, Fla. – St. Cloud Fire Rescue (SCFR) recently received a $2500 grant from the Florida State Firefighters’ Association for fire prevention and Knox-Box® systems.

“With the grant funds, we purchased various props to teach children fire safety during our fire prevention programs at schools, day care centers, and birthday parties,” said Fire Marshal David Ennis. “These giant props are an added visual teaching tool for the children. We reach more than three thousand children and adults every year with our various programs. We are very grateful to the Florida State Firefighters’ Association because they have allowed us to enhance our programs for the past five years.”

The Knox-Box® systems purchased are available for loan to residents with medical issues who may not be able to open the door if help is needed. The Knox-Box® key box contains a high-security master key used only by emergency responders. The master key allows for personnel to gain entry into the key box to help protect people and property during emergencies. After a residential Knox-Box® key box is installed, emergency responders can take action quickly without forcing entry when a person is injured or becomes critically ill at home. Also, if no one is home and an alarm activates, emergency responders can determine if it is a false alarm or an actual emergency. For more details on fire prevention programs and Knox-Box® systems, call (407) 957-8484.