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Knox HomeBox Provides Fire Department Entry to Your Home in an Emergency
New Knox HomeBox installed at residence in VillageWalk in Bonita Springs, Florida
Knox 2016 Product Catalog
Almost 40 years ago, Knox Company took on the challenge of developing a complete rapid entry system specifically designed for firefighters. In 1975, the first Knox-Box® was introduced to the fire service and a unique concept in fire response was born. Knox-Box soon became the fire industry’s high security lock box of choice. In 1981, a section of the Uniform Fire Code mandating the use of rapid entry lock boxes was adopted and remains in use today.
City of Riverside, CA Residential Knox-Box Program
City of Riverside Fire Department demonstrates use and importance of a Residential Knox-Box®
Enable access during lockdown without placing those inside at additional risk
Protect students, staff and property by providing a complete, secure key control system to campus facilities.
Problem Opening a Knox-Box?
Have you ever arrived on scene and find it difficult to open the Knox-Box? Overtime grit can build up in a lock core, particularly if the lock core isn’t used often. This built up grit can make it difficult to open the box. Knox utilizes high quality, precision locks that require a minimal amount of maintenance to insure continuous reliability. However, annual inspection and maintenance of the lock is recommended. Also, this is a convenient time to check the condition of the box and door gasket as well as verify that the key contained in the box is still current. A few minutes of your time now can help to ensure the Knox products in your jurisdiction work as designed when needed most.
New 2012 IFC requirement for Key Boxes
New 2012 IFC requires Key Boxes meet UL 1037 Attack Standard
New 2012 NFPA requirement for Key Boxes
New 2012 Requirement for Key Boxes
Rapid Access Newsletter Archive
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Welcome to the New and Knox Blog
How we interact with friends, family and businesses has been evolving rapidly. Even how we shop has changed. You may not have noticed but Knox has been making continual changes to our website to address this new reality. When we first launched (back in 1998) it was place to find general information on the Knox System. Today, you can research products, register your jurisdiction and even have property owners purchase products online. Our latest redesigned site focuses on improving each visitor’s experience.
Knox Tech Tips - How to Properly Lock Knox® FDC Products
Thank you for taking the time to watch this video wihich demonstrates how to properly lock and unlock Knox FDC devices. We will begin the demonstration by reviewing the tools and the products associated with this product line.
Knox Residential Program
The Knox Company has been the leading provider in Rapid Access Solutions to the fire service, government and securty industries for more than 30 years. The KnoxBox Residential Program is an extension of the Knox Rapid Entry system, that provides first responders with safe and immediate to a residential property in the even of an alarm or an emergency.
Knox-Box Rapid Entry System in Brief
We are here to talk about the KnoxBox Rapid Entry System. The benefits are it's a free service to the Fire Department to provide more efficiency, greater accessibility and lowering of injuries.
Knox FDC Lockdown Procedure
Stolen fire department connections place the entire building and its occupants at risk. Teflon tape may ensure a good thread seal, but it does nothing to ensure the connection itself remains on the building. This procedure will help ensure that Fire Department Connections in your jurisdiction are present when you need them.
NEW White Paper - Elevators in Emergencies
This paper discusses long held historical perspectives and emerging technologies in the use of elevators for both tactical fire fighting and evacuation operations
Avondale Fire-Rescue Expands Use of KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System
Seconds count in a life-threatening medical emergency or a fire. Yet many times, firefighters responding to an emergency find access blocked by locked entrance doors or gates. To help reduce delays in providing emergency assistance, Avondale Fire- Rescue promotes property owner use of the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System.
Fire Chief Urges Lock Boxes to Prevent Property Damage
Whether the keys are to your private business or your community church, High Springs Fire Chief Verne Riggall wants a copy made accessible to the fire department, in the hope that one day it could save you some money, or maybe even someone’s life.
Proper KnoxBox Mounting and the Hammer Test
The Knox Company takes pride in manufacturing vandal resistant products. While the majority of the security components are engineered into the product design, the safe guarding of the KNOX-BOX is contingent upon the correct installation of the product.
More first responders can enter homes via lockboxes
By John Wisely and Megha Satyanarayana, USA TODAY A home health aid worker in Franklin Township, N.J. could see her unconscious patient through a window of the home last month, but couldn’t get inside to help.
Polk County Fire District No.1 Implements the Knox Rapid Entry System for the Business and Residential Community
If you currently have the old style key box that was provided to you from the Fire District, emergency response units will continue to carry the key for that box in addition to the new Knox...
St. Cloud Fire Rescue receives grant for Knox Residential Program
With the grant funds, we purchased various props to teach children fire safety during our fire prevention programs at schools, day care centers, and birthday parties,” said Fire Marshal David Ennis. “These giant props are an added visual teaching tool for the children.
Knox Orientation Video
The Knox Company was founded in 1975 with the goal of developing a complete rapid entry system specifically for the fire service. With the introduction of the first KnoxBox, key control and emergency 24 access to commercial structures became a reality...
Rapid Access: Gainesville Fire Department
Around 10 years ago, Gainesville, Georgia adopted the International Fire Code for their community. This code grants the department the authority to require businesses to have a key box for emergency access. After adopting the code, Gainesville decided to implement the key box provision in their jurisdiction. After exploring their different options, they settled on the Knox System as the key box for their community.
Rapid Access: 4500 Shutdown Station
For the past several years the Knox Company has been working on the concept and development of an emergency electrical shutdown box. Given the hazards to firefighters when attempting to shut down electrical power for tactical operations, this product is long overdue.
Rapid Access: Volume XVIII, Issue 2, Miami Township
Most departments have had at least one property owner question the security of placing their key in a box mounted to the exterior of their building. Knowing the security of the Knox-Box® would be a concern. Knox has taken many steps to make the Knox-Box as impregnable as possible with the majority of the security features designed into the box. We even submit our products to an independent testing lab (UL)* to make sure they meet the security standards we advertise.