Product Ordering Instructions

Ordering Online

To purchase product on the Knox website, click on the red ‘BUY’ button and follow the prompts. Depending on the installation address of your Knox product purchase, you will either purchase your products directly from the website on your first visit, be asked to return to the site to complete your transaction once your approving public safety agency has reviewed your product selection or, you will be asked to obtain and submit a Knox Authorization Order form directly to that same approving agency.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on BUY button

Step 2: Type in local Emergency Responder servicing the installation location OR enter installation address where product will be installed.

Step 3: Choose the correct Emergency Responder. Otherwise, begin your buying selection process.

Step 4: Choose product, add to cart and confirm installation address.

Step 5: Complete the checkout process.

Note: Some Emergency Response Agencies require pre-authorization of your order prior to the sale.

Mailing Your Order

You’ll need to first obtain a Knox Authorization Order form from the public safety agency that will respond to the location where you plan to install the Knox Product. An authorized signer must sign the form and all sections must be completed. Then, mail the completed form with payment to the Knox Company and we will ship your product. Mail the completed form with payment to:

Knox Company

1601 W. Deer Valley Road

Phoenix, AZ 85027

Faxing Your Order

If you are paying by credit card, you can fax the Authorization Order form directly to the Knox Company. If you fax your order, please DO NOT mail the original form to the Knox Company as it can cause duplicate orders. Fax completed form to: (623) 687-2290.