Pricing a Project

Products & Pricing Resources

These resources are here to help you in putting together a project estimate quickly*. Please use the Knox Price List below and follow the link to the Knox Document Library where you can access Spec Sheets on any Knox product, as well as Product Catalogs and other literature. Just choose the product category from the drop down list to view the files you need. And if needed, you can always call us for Support.
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Knox Price List Spec Sheets, Catalogs Support

*Please Note: Some of the products listed on the Knox Price List or other literature may not be available in the jurisdiction in which the product is to be installed. Please make sure you enter the fire department or agency on the website before checkout in order to view the allowed products for the jurisdiction(s) in which the products are to be installed. If you have an official order form from your fire dept./agency, that also shows the products allowed in that jurisdiction.