Emergency Boxes

Knox Emergency Boxes provide onsite, high security storage for pre-fire plans, key storage, elevator drop keys, Haz-Mat data and other emergency items. Choose a size that fits your needs.

Knox Document Cabinet

Stores emergency response plans, elevator drop keys, up to 231 interior keys, and more

Knox Elevator Box

Holds up to 2 elevator drop keys and 31 interior keys with optional expansion panel

Knox Document Cabinet Series


Built for large buildings, enable rapid access throughout the facility by storing up to 231 keys, floorplans, Haz-Mat data, critical documents, evacuation plans, and more.

Knox Document Cabinet

Model #1308

Knox Document Cabinet Features

18" H × 14-½" W × 7" D, 67 lbs

Holds up to 231 keys and/or access cards

UL 1037, UL 437, UL 1610

Pre-wired for optional alarm tamper alert

Holds Haz-Mat, Safety Data Sheets, and floor plans. Meets SARA III requirements.

Built Knox-Rugged: Drill and attack resistant

Dual lock system allows managers to easily updated contents

For interior use

Knox Document Cabinet Benefits

  • Provides first responders with interior keys and critical documents (blueprints, floor plans, pre-fire plans, evacuation procedures, shut off valve locations, disclosures of hazardous materials, etc.)
  • Meets SARA III requirements for SDSs (Safety Data Sheets), formerly known as MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

Knox Document Cabinet Applications

Access more entry points.

Store entry items in an armored Knox Document Cabinet for emergency access into large facilities:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Storage rooms
  • Large campuses
  • Universities and schools
  • Industrial sites
  • Medical facilities

Knox Elevator Box Series


Allows first responders to manually open elevator landing doors by providing access to elevator drop keys.
The Knox Elevator Box also stores interior keys to open doors within the building.

Knox Elevator Box

Model #1404

Knox Elevator Box Features

10-½" H × 7-½" W × 2" D, 14 lbs

Holds up to 2 elevator drop keys and 31 interior keys with optional expansion panel

UL 1037, UL 437, UL 1610

Highest security when equipped with optional alarm tamper alert

Built Knox-Rugged: Heavy-duty steel construction

Available in 3 colors

Meets IFC and NFPA 1 standards

For interior use

Knox Elevator Box Benefits

  • Provides rapid access to the elevator drop key which is used to manually open elevator doors
  • Provides interior access throughout buildings

Knox Elevator Box Applications

Express ride to safety.

Knox Elevator Box securely stores elevator drop keys for emergency use in:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Subways
  • Large campuses
  • And much more
  • Industrial sites




View our case studies, specs and brochures below to learn more.

Case Study

Increasing Campus Safety at ASU


Ensuring Campus Safety at Six Public Schools in Swansea, MA


Brochures and Specs

Knox Interior Access Solutions


Knox Document Cabinet Brochure


Knox Elevator Box Brochure


Knox Document Cabinet Specs


Knox Document Cabinet Mounting Instructions


Knox Elevator Box Specs


Knox Elevator Mounting Instructions


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Contact your local Fire or Public Safety Department for Knox product recommendations.
The Knox Tamper Alert is installed inside either the Knox Document Cabinet or the Knox Elevator Box and connects to the alarm on your building. If anyone tampers with the box, the alarm will be activated.
Dual locks allow shared agency access so first responders can immediately gain access during emergencies. For example, fire departments, law enforcement, and emergency medical services may share access to properties in their local jurisdictions.
The Knox Document Cabinet is available in light beige gray and the Knox Elevator Box is available in red, aluminum, and dark bronze.
Spec sheets are available on this page under the "Resources" section or can be found here.
Knox Emergency Boxes come in two sizes: Knox Document Cabinet is a larger-sized key lockbox (18"H x 14.5"W x 7"D) and the Knox Elevator Box is a smaller-sized key lockbox (10.5"H x 7.5"W x 2"D). Click here to view product spec sheets.
Click here to see mounting instructions for the Knox Document Cabinet. Click here for mounting instructions for Knox Elevator Boxes.
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