Key Control Units

Protect the Knox Rapid Access System with a Knox KeySecure®. The Knox KeySecure retains the master key and only releases it to authorized users with PIN codes. Accountability for master key access is provided by the unit's retrievable audit trail.

KeySecure® 200


The KeySecure 200 utilizes the new cloud-based Knox Smart Management System (SMS). Establish more flexibility within your system by securing up to 2 mechanical master keys and enabling shared departmental access.

KeySecure® 200

Wi-Fi or Ethernet Network Connection

Model #KLS-200K2

Retail $699

KeySecure 200 Features

Enables programming, configuration, and audit trail collection via cloud-based software

Can connect to PC USB port to collect device history

Secures up to 2 mechanical master keys

Collects audit trail events (stores up to 16,000 events)

Stores up to 5,000 user PINs

KeySecure 200 Benefits

  • Secures up to 2 mechanical master keys
  • Records audit trail
  • Reduces the liability of lost keys
  • Enables Flexibility to support shared jurisdictional access

KeySecure Applications

Security is key.

Have peace of mind knowing the master key is secured in a visible position. Built and configured for a variety of departments:

  • Public safety (fire, police, security)
  • Campus and universities
  • Military
  • Commercial (i.e. delivery services, large business centers)



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