KnoxConnect Management System

Control, access, and configure the latest Knox products including the Knox KeySecure® 5 with the KnoxConnect Management System anywhere from the cloud. KnoxConnect Management System is a cloud-based system that gives you greater control over Knox Key security along with providing audit trail reports of time-and date-stamped events such as authorized key access removal and returns.

KnoxConnect Management System Features

Authorize & remove users in real time

Audit trail of Knox Key removal and return

Logs events by time and date stamp

Manage passwords and PIN codes

Create history report of events

Automatic firmware & software updates

Manage your Knox devices

Cloud-based for easy access via internet connection

KnoxConnect Management System Benefits

  • Cloud-based software
  • Multiple layers of security encryption
  • Managed through the web anytime, anywhere
  • Efficiently manage all Knox electronic lock products in a single interface

KnoxConnect Management System Applications

Control anywhere, anytime.

Administrators have the ability to manage key control tasks tailored to your department's needs.

  • Public safety (fire, police, security)
  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Campus
  • Utility companies


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