Narcotics Safes

Medical drugs and controlled substances require top security, yet EMS personnel need immediate access during an emergency. Knox MedVault reduces the risk of drug diversion while maintaining employee accountability.

Knox MedVault®


Authorized EMTs gain rapid access to Knox MedVault by entering trackable, recorded PIN codes which are logged for audit reporting.

Knox MedVault Large Capacity

Recessed mount, WiFi and Ethernet network connection, antenna
Large Capacity

Model #5520H2S2K2N-7

Knox MedVault Smaller Capacity

Surface mount, light bar, WiFi and Ethernet connection, antenna
Smaller Capacity

Model #5201 S2Y2K4-6

Knox MedVault Features

Can be mounted in rescue vehicles or stationary applications

Dual authentication enabled

Secure PIN-controlled access

Manual key override

Holds up to 5,000 unique PIN codes

Stores up to 16,000 events

WiFi or ethernet-enabled

Available in recess and surface configurations

LED display

Pull user access records via the Knox Administration Software


Available in two sizes to accommodate different space and storage needs

Knox MedVault Benefits

  • Prevents drug diversion
  • Monitors user access with audit trail
  • Allows keyless entry
  • Built Knox-Rugged

Knox MedVault Applications

Diversion prevention.

Significantly reduce the risk of medical drug theft by installing Knox MedVault in:

  • Fire Apparatus
  • EMS
  • Primary onsite narcotics inventory storage center
  • Ambulances
  • Medical and Health Centers




View our case studies, specs and brochures below to learn more.

Case Study

Increasing Campus Safety at ASU


Brochures and Specs

Knox MedVault Brochure


Knox MedVault Specs


Knox MedVault Power Pack Specs


Knox MedVault Pre-Order Worksheet


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The Knox Narcotics Safe most suited to you application depends primarily on the storage capacity you require and the space available for unit installations. Please review additional product information here.
Your Knox Narcotics Safe can be installed by any trusted electrician or IT systems professional.
The Knox Narcotics Safe can be installed in ambulances, fire apparatus, EMS vehicles, and medical/health centers.
Spec sheets are available on this page under the "Resources" section or can be found here.
Knox Narcotics Safes come in two sizes: a larger-sized drug / narcotics safe (9.25"H x 12.625"W x 9.25"D) and a smaller-sized drug / narcotics safe for tighter spaces (6.75"H x 9"W x 5.25"D). Click here to view product spec sheets.
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