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Problem Opening a Knox-Box?

Posted By Cynthia Jones On Sep 11, 2014

Have you ever arrived on scene and find it difficult to open the Knox-Box?  Overtime grit can build up in a lock core, particularly if the lock core isn’t used often.  This built-up grit can make it difficult to open the box.   Knox utilizes high quality, precision locks that require a minimal amount of maintenance to insure continuous reliability.  However, annual inspection and maintenance of the lock is recommended.  This is a convenient time to check the condition of the box and door gasket as well as verify that the key contained in the box is still current. A few minutes of your time now can help to ensure the Knox products in your jurisdiction work as designed when needed most. 

The following maintenance recommendations apply to all Knox products with Medeco locks including Knox key boxes, padlocks, and key operated key switches.

Every 6 Months:

1. Spray lock mechanism with key lube or LPS-1

2. Operate lock twice to check operation and spread lubricant

Every Year:

1. Review boxes, padlocks, and switches for chips or nicks in powder coat and paint over chips or nicks to prevent corrosion

2. Apply a light coat of grease or silicon paste (such as Dow Corning Number 4) to the door gasket of any products with doors

For locks that may not easily operate from lack of maintenance:

1. Spray the lock cylinder generously with Gumout, Poxylube or LPS-1

2. Work the lock by placing the key in and out of the core

3. Place a piece of wood against the lock core

4. Hit the wood with a hammer to send vibration through the core

5. Insert the key and turn

If you have any questions regarding the recommendations or need additional information please contact us at 866-625-4563.