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Welcome to the New KNOXBOX.com and Knox Blog

Posted By Cynthia Jones On Sep 03, 2014

How we interact with friends, family and businesses has been evolving rapidly.  Even how we shop has changed.  You may not have noticed but Knox has been making continual changes to our website to address this new reality.  When we first launched knoxbox.com (back in 1998) it was place to find general information on the Knox System.  Today, you can research products, register your jurisdiction and even have property owners purchase products online.  Our latest redesigned site focuses on improving each visitor’s experience.  

In the past few years, many have moved from PCs to tablets and smart phones.  As you’ve probably experienced, not all websites are easy to view on devices other than PCs.  To help all our visitors have a good experience when visiting knoxbox.com, we’ve redesigned our website so that it’s now a responsive website. This means that it is designed to work with mobile devices and tablets as well as on PCs.  The view automatically adjusts to fit the device you’re using with much less scrolling. 

We thought this would be a great time to also launch our new blog.  The goal of our blog is to share thoughts and ideas that we believe will be beneficial to departments who use the Knox System.  We’ll also highlight some upcoming events and shows as well as provide a sneak peek of upcoming product improvements and even some new products.  Finally, we’ll be highlighting many of the features on our website that can help you in implementing and managing your Knox Program.  So, welcome to the new and improved knoxbox.com. We encourage you to take a look around and give us your thoughts on the redesigned site.